Royal Lotus Hotel

Royal Lotus Hotel
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Address: A13, Block 1, East of Hung Thang 2, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

Phone: (+84) 33 6 253 999

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Phone: (+84) 33 6 253 999


Royal Lotus Hotel Halong managed by H&K Hospitality Management as the Head Office is in Hanoi Vietnam.
We are located at one of the world’s natural wonders “Halong Bay” as it is the most beautiful tourist destination in Vietnam.
Thousand awesome limestone karsts surrounded, sandy beaches, offshore coral reefs, man-grove forests, freshwater swamp forests and small freshwater lakes.
Royal Lotus Hotel Halong offers you International standard of Vietnamese hospitality service with 147 rooms of Premium, Deluxe and Suite. The perfect location to stay in Bai Chay area with the beautiful view of Halong Bay. Hotel provides the facilities such: Swimming Pool, Vietnam and International Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Wellness Spa, Gym, Convention Rooms and Roof Bar.

The hotel is four hours drive from Hanoi and 5 minutes away from Halong pier and view minutes walking distance to Central Business of Halong Bay. Royal Lotus Halong located at on the main Hung Thang road with the view of clear bay and the city in perfect harmony with nature.

Royal Lotus Hotel Halong managed by H&K Hospitality Management as the Head Office is in Hanoi Vietnam.
We are located at one of the world’s natural wonders “Halong Bay” as it is the most beautiful tourist destination in Vietnam.
Thousand awesome limestone karsts surrounded, sandy beaches, offshore coral reefs, man-grove forests, freshwater swamp forests and small freshwater lakes.
Royal Lotus Hotel Halong offers you International standard of Vietnamese hospitality service with 147 rooms of Premium, Deluxe and Suite. The perfect location to stay in Bai Chay area with the beautiful view of Halong Bay. Hotel provides the facilities such: Swimming Pool, Vietnam and International Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, Wellness Spa, Gym, Convention Rooms and Roof Bar.

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Halong Bay
Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s top attractions – The name "Halong " translates as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. You... Read more

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  • 1. Getting around

    Once reaching Quang Ninh, you can transfer within the province by taxi or taxi motorbike. Here...

  • 2. By Boat

    There are daily slow boats connecting Hon Gai with Hai Phong (about three hours). Boats depart...

  • 3. By Air

    If you want to transfer to Quang Ninh by air, there is a weekly helicopter flight which departs...