Asean Halong Hotel

Asean Halong Hotel
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Address: Bai Chay ( Hau Can ) Road, Bai Chay, Ha Long Cty, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Phone: (+84.33) 364 0027~0034

Price: $40

Phone: (+84.33) 364 0027~0034


Ideally located in the center of halong tourism, Asean Halong Hotel is an international standard 4-star hotel with 101 luxurious and modern rooms. Its warmth and modern European setting makes you feel at home while at the same time offering you a lifestyle experience.

Asean Halong hotel has luxurious, spacious and stylistically furnished rooms like: good air conditioner, heater system, center hot water system, satellite TV system, in room safe deposit box, bath tub, free wife access.... A strong point of the hotel is that most of rooms have bay views. This enable guests to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural landscape of Halong Bay, twice recognized by UNESCO for the particular values of appearance and geology.

Elegant Restaurant and Oriental Restaurant are where you can enjoy European, Asian and traditional Vietnamese food cooked by local talented chefs. The breakfast buffet with 45 dishes is regarded as the best breakfast in Halong.

The entertainment area offers various types of activities. Soak up the fun in our pool and in state-of-the-art fitness center designed to help you relax, unwind, and get fit. Our traditional and modern massage therapist will take guests on exhilarating journeys with their special skills and personal care.

There are also conference and banquet rooms with an excellent capacity for handling organizational events.

Our service team of dedication, professionalism and hospitality will leave you lasting impression from your ever - first visit. Asean halong hotel proves to be an ideal choice whether for your leisure or business.

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